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There are various classifications of top-paying career options to choose from, depending upon the industry. Many experts approve of the fact that higher education increases the potential to earn higher salaries. Moreover, it also increases one’s prospect to stay employed when layoffs occur. Let’s check the Top 5 High Paying Careers Choices:

Lawyers – Lawyers have the prospect of earning over $100,000 annually for their services, specifically if they administer the legal aspects of a company or corporation. Lawyers, who pursue private practices or start their own firms, require building their own client base and reputation. However, even in the early stages of their career, the pay tends to relatively high.

Management consultants – Management consultants enjoy a huge pay from the beginning of their career. They generally get a base salary, plus bonus, commission, and profit sharing. With the total of these items, a management consultant begins with a wage above $50,000 straight out of college. Their salaries gradually increase as they advance in their careers.

Doctors – Among doctors, Physicians and surgeons are the highest-paid professionals. Similar high wages are shared by Dentists and orthodontists. As Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. states, “Physicians and surgeons, as well as pharmacists, have the largest employment and are slated to grow by nearly 30,000 jobs. Each health-related occupation on the list is slated to grow.” The oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the highest wages – up to nearly $86 per hour.

Technology and IT services – As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Industries with the highest all-occupations mean wages (include) computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, software publishers and several financial services industries. These industries tended to have high employment concentrations of occupations with above-average wages.” In today’s technological age the semiconductor industry continues to flourish. Payouts in several related fields pay more than $100,000 to entry-level employees.

Aviation – Aviation industry provides employment opportunities with a top-paying wage. This industry offers various jobs including business development, government jobs, pilots, and executives, all of which adds up to an average of $100,000 annually. Numerous other careers in aviation like aerospace, avionics, and engineering, provide opportunities to individuals to earn salaries in the high range.

According to various data and reports related to the job outlook, aviation and medical professionals display strong indicators for job growth in careers. Business careers in finance and law also look encouraging. Most of these jobs involve some sort of higher education or training, and they pay above $100,000 annually.

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