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Reasons You Should Go Back to School Degree Programs

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People return to school for lots of reasons. Particularly during tough economic times, it makes sense to go back to school and develop advanced skills that give you an edge in the job market. However, returning to school isn’t merely about getting a better job or making more money. Sometimes it’s about personal growth, opportunity and discovery.

Learn new skills : As long as companies find the need to downsize, past employees will need to find alternatives to their current working situation. This is especially true during tough economic times, when large industries are affected, forcing downsizing in many segments of the population. People who find themselves suddenly unemployed often go back to school to learn new skills that will give them an edge in finding a new job in the current market.

Change careers : As people age, they change. Some people call it mid-life crisis. Others simply yearn to do something different. Regardless of how you frame it, many people go back to school to change careers. In doing so, they often discover new talents and abilities that satisfy their desire to explore the world around them.

Earn more money : People do what they have to do, particularly during a recession. They don’t like to have unreasonable financial stress, so a lot of people go back to school to earn more money. By doing so, it is often possible to become qualified for a promotion, take on a second job in a different field or start a new career that pays more. These same people often find numerous ways to pay for their advanced schooling, as there are multiple grants and scholarships available in various fields.

Fulfill dreams : Life takes unexpected turns sometimes, and people often put their dreams of going to college on hold. Some are trying to earn a living, while others are raising families and don’t have time or energy to go to work, go to school and take care of children and their homes simultaneously. People of all ages go to school. In fact, according to University Bound, there are quite a few senior citizens earning Master’s and Doctorate degrees from prestigious universities.

Contribute to Society : As technology advances, older generations may find a need to go back to school to be able to effectively contribute to society. According to research conducted by the University of Ulm, Germany , “Continuing education in the third age in general and in particular ‘Senior Studies’ at the universities and in cooperating institutions all over Europe are possibilities to support older people to participate actively in the development of society and to promote an active lifestyle.” The American Council on Education states, “Recent surveys by AARP, Civic Ventures, Merrill Lynch and other organizations indicate that a majority of adults in this age group (55 – 79) plan to stay engaged in some form of work, community service or learning activity-with obvious indications for higher education.”

Returning to school, similar to learning a new hobby, is an opportunity to learn and have fun in new and different ways. It is a necessity for some people, a dream that never was forgotten for others and an achievement waiting to happen for all. The reasons people return to school are as diverse as the students entering classrooms. They all have one thing in common though, students willing to learn.

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