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Advertising Degree Programs

Earn a Animation degree from an accredited school

Acquire an Accounting degree from an accredited school

Innovations in the technology industry and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to acquaint us to new inventive advertising outlets. The advancement of the Internet has given birth to numerous online marketing prospects. Common examples of online advertising consist of contextual ads which are displayed on search engine results pages, text ads, banner ads, online classifieds, interactive media, social networking, e-mail marketing and advertising networks. There are various marketing channels in the ad industry in the present times including:

  • Television Ads

  • Radio Advertising

  • Online Marketing

  • Infomercials

  • Mobile Marketing

As a result of a highly competitive advertising market, the potential customers are required to have wide-ranging skills and creativity for securing these highly desired jobs. As more and more advertising and marketing are done online, computer skills are necessary. Open a world of opportunities in the field of advertising, public relations, or marketing by acquiring an online college degree program. A related courseware would also include classes in market research, marketing, consumer behavior, communication methods and technology, sales, visual arts, photography, and art history. A bachelor’s degree in journalism or advertising is required to apply for several management positions in the field of advertising.  

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