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How Networking Can Increase Your Job Prospects Degree Programs

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Networking can increase your job prospects by providing multiple opportunities to interact and communicate with numerous people on different levels. Professionally, you can present your skills and talents via networking by broadcasting your resume through career and employment opportunity sites; many of these sites, as well as some social networking sites like LinkedIn and Employment Network are strategically geared toward increasing your job prospects. Several key things need to be considered when implementing networking as a tool to increase your job prospects.

Plug into the hidden job market

Be the first to find out about a current or upcoming job opportunity because you know the right people and can interact with them in the right space and time. As an “in-the-know” candidate for the job, you have an ideal opportunity to promote yourself and push your resume to the top of the pile. According to University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Career Services, “It is estimated that only 20% of all jobs are ever advertised, meaning 80% of jobs are filled by companies who never advertised the position. Instead, these positions are filled by referral, the ‘who do you know’ method of recruitment.”

Build relationships

Relationships don’t happen by chance. They require nurturing, time, patience and opportunity to develop, both professionally and socially. Work environments, while being dedicated to remaining professional and performing jobs well, are also social environments where workers interact with each other and depend on each other to sustain a healthy environment that encourages positive attitudes, which will ultimately increase productivity. Networking gives prospective employees a chance to get to know and interact with you on a personal level, as well as the opportunity to see how you interact with others. “You can’t get a job or a grant or any recognition for your accomplishments unless you keep up to date with the people in your community,” states Phil Agre, in his Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students.

Create opportunities

Networking has the potential to increase your visibility across multiple platforms. You have the power to relay a predetermined message when you interact on social networking sites, and you can reinforce that same message in various ways wherever you make a presence on the Internet. Each profile you develop allows you to consistently reinforce whatever message you choose, which is why you need to be careful when posting random information. Prospective employers tune in to how prospective employees use social networking sites, and many possible candidates have been eliminated by what they post on them.


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