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Accounting Degree Programs

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Accounting professions are predominant since the primitive days and now over time, the profession has evolved further to keep pace with the changing business scenario. In present times, accounting is named as the “the language of business” and professionals holding this degree are in great demand.

The employment opportunities in the field of accounts and auditing are immense. Management accounting or private accounting is the accounting method used to communicate related information within a particular business organization. This information is then used by managers, owners and auditors to make management or operational decisions. On the other hand, Public accounting comprises a variety of accounting, tax, auditing, and consulting activities, serving various agencies, corporations, individuals as well as nonprofit organizations. The Certified Public Accountants generally work for public accounting firms or own their own companies.

Accounting is one of the popular majors pursued by students and is available in both online and offline campus. As per the statistics of U.S. Bureau of Labor, jobs in the auditing and accounting field is estimated to grow by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018, faster than the average for all professions in general. Accounting courses are well tailored for distance learning as it doesn’t require much practical involvement on the student’s part like in the field of medical and culinary arts. Along with accounts degree, many employers also prefer candidates with a master’s degree in or business administration. Many universities and colleges also offer exposure to professional experience to students through summer internships or part-time work and study programs at business or accounting firms.

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